Lovelyz Yoo Ji-ae joins YG KPlus, “I’m going to challenge myself with acting”

Yoo Ji-ae, a former member of Lovelyz, reportedly signed an exclusive contract with YG KPlus.

YG Kplus said on November 18th, “We will do our best to promote Yoo Ji-ae’s new aspects and charms to the public. In the future, we will give her full support to make good use of her talents and abilities in more diverse and active activities.

Lovelyz Yoo Ji-ae YGK+

Yoo Ji-ae debuted in a girl group called “Lovelyz” and has received huge love through the group’s hits, such as “Ah-Choo” and “Destiny”. She also showed off her attractive vocals and proved her presence as a vocalist by participating in various OSTs. Yoo Ji-ae also gained recognition for her ‘entertainment’ sense as a “next-generation entertainment idol” after joining several shows and content.

Lovelyz Yoo Ji-ae YGK+

Being loved by the public for her singing skill, Yoo Ji-ae has planned not to limit herself on the stage but take on a new challenge in acting, raising netizens’ high expectations for her transformation as an actress.

Meanwhile, YG KPlus has identified the talents and abilities of many artists, including models, actors, and influencers, and generously supported them to rise to the top not only in entertainment and arts but also in a variety of other fields. Attention is focusing on Yoo Ji-ae’s new move and how she will show herself with activities in acting, singing, and entertainment with YG KPlus.

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