TWICE Talks About “With YOU-th” Album Preparation, Members’ Strong Bond & Secrets To Group’s Longevity

JYP’s girl group TWICE disclosed various behind-the-scenes stories ahead of the release of their new album

At 2 p.m. (KST) on February 23rd, TWICE will make their comeback with the release of their 13th mini album “With YOU-th” and the title song “ONE SPARK”.

“With YOU-th” is the group’s new music release a year after “READY TO BE” promotion. This album contains the story of TWICE and ONCE’s friendship and love. The title song “ONE SPARK” tells about the nine members’ enthusiastic passion even when the cold wind blows. Above all, members Jeongyeon, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung participated in writing the lyrics for b-side songs such as “BLOOM”, “YOU GET ME”, and “RUSH”. Prior to their album release, TWICE had an interview with the media and answered various questions.


Expressing their excitement about the comeback, TWICE said, “While preparing for this album, we said within ourselves that ONCE would like it so much. We’ll try our best to complete this promotion healthily”, adding “ONCEs have waited for our comeback for a long time so we worked very hard to prepare it. We hope to spend precious time with you guys without regrets.”

Introducing their new album “With YOU-th”, Jeongyeon said, “We hugged each other a lot throughout the process of making the album content to express TWICE’s youth”. Momo shared, “It contains the friendship and youth of TWICE as well as the love we received from ONCE. I hope this album will remind us of our moments together.” Recalling special memories during “With YOU-th” preparation, Nayeon said, “We spent much time together when shooting the trailer and MV of the pre-release song ‘I GOT YOU’”. Sana confessed, “There were many scenes in which we held each other’s hands during the jacket and MV shoots. I could realize TWICE’s precious friendship while monitoring the scenes”. Mina added, “Some shoots took place far away so it felt like we were traveling together”.


When asked about their favorite parts of TWICE’s comeback song “ONE SPARK”, Dahyun picked the intro and ending of the performance while Chaeyoung mentioned Mina’s part. Tzuyu said, “I really like the last chorus part. Every part of the choreography is exciting and charming”. Regarding their first collaboration with American singer Lauv in “I GOT YOU”, Jihyo said, “If there’s a good opportunity in the future, we would like to work with him again. Thank you for actively promoting our song on SNS”.

TWICE also revealed the driving force behind their youth, which is the main theme of this album. Jeongyeon shared, “The reason why TWICE’s youth was so beautiful is that we get along so well and rely on each other a lot”. Momo commented, “My youth is TWICE. It was so beautiful because we gained so much love from ONCE”. Sana confessed, “We’ve been together for 9 years. ONCE is our driving force. It was the desire to show new images to ONCE that made our youth”.

Regarding the question, “Is there any moment when you realized that ‘TWICE is one’?”, Mina said, “I mostly feel like that during our promotions. It was different from when we performed unit stages. I thought, ‘We really lean on each other a lot when the nine of us are together’. Dahyun added, “There were small moments like when the members talked about the thing I was thinking about or when we did the same thing at the same time.” Tzuyu emphasized, “We’re almost like a family because we’ve been together for such a long time. I always feel like we are one, especially when we perform on stage or when we overcome the hard times together”.

Unveiling their secret to continue steady activities for a decade, the members mentioned their professionalism on stage, their close-knit relationship, and their ambition to go higher together. Looking back on their recent world tour “READY TO BE”, TWICE members expressed their gratitude to global fans and raised fans’ anticipation for the upcoming promotion of “With YOU-th”.

Source: Naver

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