“Red Velvet’s Joy Shares Daily Life and Shows Off Sexy Charm in New Photos”

Red Velvet member Joy (real name Park Soo-young, 26) shared her daily life.

On the 17th, Joy posted several photos without any particular captions.

Red Velvet-Joy

In the released photos, Joy showed off various poses while wearing a yellow sleeveless top and a bright blue baseball cap. Joy took a selfie in front of a mirror, wearing a unique necklace with cubic charms. Her prominent collarbones emphasized her sexy appeal and caught the attention.

Red Velvet-Joy

Sitting on a sandy beach, Joy showed off her smooth curves from her collarbones to her shoulders, flaunting her glamorous figure. The sleeveless top she wore exposed her back, revealing her toned body without any visible flaws.

Meanwhile, on the 14th, Joy released “The Blue Night’s Song,” as part of the ‘K Ballad Signature Project’ with singer Ha Dong-kyun.

Source: Nate

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