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Han Ga-in: I Had 10 Packs of Ramen and 4 Cans of Cola My Whole Life, Without Craving Them 

In the episode of tvN’s ‘Europe Outside Your Tent: France’ aired on Feb 25th, the story of four people camping on the first night in Southern France was depicted.

Han Ga-in mentioned eating mini gimbap for breakfast, showing her knack for planning meals. 

han ga in

They started breakfast, led by Chef Ra Miran, and began eating various dishes. Han Ga-in, impressed by the baguette, seaweed sauce, and miscellaneous fruits, exclaimed, “This is amazing.” Ra Miran said, “I’ll try putting bibimbap in this seaweed sauce,” demonstrating her expertise in creating new dishes.

After finishing even the rice cake soup, Ra Miran commented, “It was like a war. It’s a mess.” Han Ga-in expressed satisfaction, “It tastes much better eating outdoors.” Ra Miran added, “Doesn’t it feel like your stomach got a bit bigger? Does it fit more?”

han ga in

Jo Bo-ah was amazed to see Han Ga-in still wearing the same pants on the fourth day, asking, “You’re still wearing them, unnie?” Han Ga-in casually replied, “I’ll change eventually,” showing her easygoing attitude. 

After finishing their neighborhood stroll, the group of four returned to their tent and began eating instant noodles, or ramen. Han Ga-in said, “I usually don’t eat ramen much.” Hearing this, Ryu Hye-young showed surprise, asking, “Really?”

Han Ga-in surprised everyone by saying, “I usually don’t eat ramen. I’ve probably only eaten about ten packs in my whole life.” She added, “It’s been a habit since I was young, I never really crave it. I had like four cans of cola my whole life.” 

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