Lovelyz Member’s Debut As AfreecaTV Game Streamer Surprises Netizens

Seo Ji-soo, a member of the girl group Lovelyz, surprised fans as she suddenly made her debut as a game streamer

On February 26th, a post titled, “A female idol debuted as an AfreecaTV BJ today”, spread rapidly in the Korean online community theqoo.

The main character in the post is Lovelyz Seo Ji-soo. Earlier that day, Seo Ji-soo opened her TV channel “떠지수” and turned on a live broadcast titled “Seo Ji-soo from Lovelyz? Starts at 7 o’clock”.

seo ji soo

Announcing her new activities as a game broadcasting BJ, Seo Ji-soo shared, “I like games”. Regarding the reason she started doing livestream, the Lovelyz member said, “I’m going on a new path as an actress but the situation is not good these days. Trends change quickly, so I thought about what I should do among the things I can do well”, adding “I joined this platform because I wanted to play games.” Seeing Lovelyz fans’ comments in the chat window, Seo Ji-soo looked very happy.

seo ji soo

When asked if Lovelyz would disband, Seo Ji-soo firmly answered, “Lovelyz is not disbanding”, adding, “If I do well in the gaming field while doing livestream, that can also become a great opportunity for Lovelyz to reunite”. A fan asked if she would do livestream on AfreecaTV, and the female idol said, “I’m not sure yet. I’m thinking about going with CHZZK (Naver streaming service) at the same time”. 

Right after the broadcast, netizens who heard the news of Seo Ji-soo’s debut as a game streamer poured various reactions. In theqoo, Internet users commented, “I came to watch her livestream because I was so curious. Wasn’t it just a normal game livestream…? She’s cute”, “She’s a famous female idol… I was very surprised”, “I hope she starts anew well”, “If this is not your main job, YouTube would be a better platform”, “Even if you’re only doing game livestreams, I’m sure the title ‘AfreecaTV BJ’ would be attached to your name”, “If you are a fan, you won’t like this”, “Really?…”, etc.

Source: Wikitree

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