Behind every successful idol are their managers, no doubt!

How much do you know about idol managers?

Manager of K-Pop idols is a dream job for many fans. However, it is also a natural social prejudice saying that they are just servants of idols.

For a very long time, “managers” have become a common term for every K-Pop fans. From arranging idols’ schedules to body-guarding, these managers work behind the scenes to keep idols safe.

For example, in Korea, managers will be in charge of driving, carrying outfits and accessories around during tours or promotions. They are even responsible for idols’ daily meals and diet.

This is the reason why people believe that managers are just another kind of servants running errands for idols. However, the facts show otherwise.

Idol managers are the ones who liaise between the company, broadcasts’ staffs and idol groups. They coordinate all departments related to make-up artists, hair stylists and backup dancers.

Regarding music programs, some begin recording during the early morning while others start as late as the night of the day before. Therefore, managers do not have time for themselves or their relationships with other people.

According to SHINee’s manager, SM Entertainment covers all of the managers’ expenses, like a car and a company card to cover any promotion costs. He just has to pay for his cigarettes.

Comparing to other jobs, being an idol manager may be more difficult and stressful, but not everyone can sacrifice themselves like what managers do for their artists. It is no doubt that without them, it will be hard for idols to succeed in the music industry!

Source: Kenh14

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