BTS’s V Reveals Short Hair Ahead of Enlistment

Ahead of his military enlistment, BTS’s V flawlessly pulls off a short hairstyle

On December 5, V engaged closely with fans through the fan communication platform Weverse with a live broadcast. After concluding the group live broadcast with fellow BTS members, V immediately started a personal live broadcast, touching the hearts of fans.

During this live session, V played melodic songs, gazing at the camera and breaking into a smile. When fans pointed out that the lighting was too yellow, V actively accepted their feedback, and adjusted the brightness.

V’s handsome appearance in short hair also drew attention.

Moreover, V mentioned that Jimin was watching the live broadcast and revealed that he got home quickly to do a live. Then, as Jimin left the comment of “Is Jimin amusing?”, V read the comments and playfully shook his head.

Towards the end of the video, V greeted fans, waved, and made a gesture wishing them a good night, concluding the live session in about 3 minutes.

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Meanwhile, V will reportedly commence his active-duty military service on December 11, joining fellow member RM at the same training camp. It is also reported that on December 12, members Jimin and Jungkook will also enlist together.

Previously in December of last year, BTS’s Jin enlisted. He recently achieved an early promotion to corporal due to his outstanding military service. 

Meanwhile, j-hope enlisted as an active-duty soldier in April and is currently serving as an instructor, and Suga began his social service duty as a public service worker in September.

The expected discharge date for V, RM, Jimin, and Jungkook, who are enlisting this month, is June 2025, offering the prospect of a complete BTS reunion afterward.

Source: Daum

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