New comedy film “6/45” actress who is stealing viewers’ hearts: Visuals similar to IU, praiseworthy acting 

Does this rising actress remind you of IU? 

6/45” is one of the outstanding comedy Korean films that hit theaters this year. Aside from the charming male cast including Go Kyung Pyo and Lee Yi Kyung, Park Se Wan, the only actress in the leading cast, is also capturing viewers’ hearts with her charm. 

In “6/45”, Park Se Wan plays Yeon Hee, a cute but strong and independent soldier. Yeon Hee is loved by viewers for her pure, kind, and funny personality. Her looks are even compared by the male lead to IU. 

Park Se Wan is a fairly familiar face to fans of Korean dramas. Making her acting debut in 2016, Park Se Wan left a good impression through TV series such as “Goblin”, “I’m Not a Robot”, “School 2017”…

Being recognized for both her lovely visuals and natural acting, in 2019, she was nominated for Best New Actress at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards for her role in the drama “Just Dance”. 

Besides television, Park Se Wan has also achieved success with cinema, typically the 2020 crime comedy film “Collectors” led by Lee Je Hoon. This year, besides “6/45”, the 28-year-old actress will also return in the musical “Life Is Beautiful” alongside actor and former Wanna One member Ong Seong Wu.

Source: K14

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