ITZY’s Low MV Views Rouses Concerns (and Theories) from Netizens

On January 8, ITZY released the MV for their latest title track “Untouchable” from the girl group’s latest album, “Born to Be”. 

Prior to the “Untouchable” MV, ITZY also unveiled the MVs for 2 B-side songs “Born to Be” and “Mr. Vampire”, alongside MVs for the members’ 4 solo songs. This means that in preparation for this comeback, the girl group has filmed an impressive total of 7 MVs. 


However, despite the grand releases, ITZY recorded low MV views for their new comeback, with the “Untouchable” MV accordingly less than 3 million views on YouTube after 24 hours. Even now, this MV barely surpassed the 3 million views mark. 

Adding to concerns, the MVs for “Mr. Vampire” and “Born to Be”, which was released around 1 and 3 weeks ago, respectively, have only garnered 5.2 million and 12 million views – a modest number compared to ITZY’s past achievements. 

As a result, ITZY’s low MV views recently has roused concerns from netizens, and a topic titled “Why are ITZY’s MV views so low recently??” was published on the Internet forum Reddit.

According to netizens under the aforementioned topic, ITZY’s low MV views are most likely the result of JYP no longer using ads to promote the MVs like before. Meanwhile, some suggested that the 7 MVs are diluting fans’ MV streaming power, leading to lower views. 


Several other opinions suggest that ITZY has been getting less momentum for their comebacks in general, as the girl group has debuted for years, and this is a return with one member, Lia, absent. 

Another popular theory suggested that YouTube has been noticeably stricter with Kpop MV views, reducing more and more views when fans stream their fav’s songs repeatedly. 

Regardless, it seems that many fans are enjoying ITZY’s color for the new comeback, and hopefully, ITZY will be able to regain their impressive results. 

Source: Koreaboo, Reddit 

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