Song Hye-kyo: Ex-lovers should not meet until death, Reveals happy updates

Actress Song Hye-kyo continues to amaze people with her happy updates, youthful appearance, and past statements

Over the weekend, Song Hye-kyo had a gathering with her close group of friends. It is known that this group of friends includes people she has collaborated with, some of whom are makeup artists and hairstylists.

Noticeably, these individuals have been close to Song Hye-kyo for a long time, and the actress herself once revealed that she has friends who have been by her side for up to 20 years.

The long-lasting friendships of Song Hye-kyo have earned admiration from many. However, her viewpoints of ex-lovers seem to vastly differ. 

In particular, an old statement of Song Hye-kyo in a 2017 interview with fashion magazine W Korea has been drawing attention.  

Here, when asked about her thoughts about how ex-lovers should interact with each other after a breakup, Song Hye-kyo answered, “When you break up with someone after dating, isn’t it polite to not see each other again until you die? I think this is also an act of respect for the next person you will have a relationship with”. 

It is unclear why the statement has suddenly started resurfacing.

Source: K14, W Korea

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