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“My girlfriend dumped me because I failed to buy her a ticket to Psy concert”… A man shocked everyone with the absurd reason for his breakup

Seo Jang-hoon and Lee Soo-geun smiled hopelessly at the unreasonable cause of a couple’s breakup.

In KBS JOY’s entertainment program “Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller”, which aired on August 22nd, a client in his 30s who has just broken up with the girlfriend he dated for four months came to see the 2 MCs.

On the broadcast, the client confessed his concern, saying “I have just broken up with my girlfriend, but it was a breakup in which she ghosted me. I don’t know why we broke up. We dated for about 4 months.

The client, who is working for a semiconductor company, told a lot of T.M.I, from his first meeting with his girlfriend to their first date. The client said, “We were on good terms, then a problem happened when we went on a trip to Daegu. Daegu has the 83 Tower and there is a hot place where women like to visit and take pictures. We planned to park near our accommodation and take a taxi to that place. But we couldn’t catch a taxi that day. My girlfriend got annoyed. So we eventually used my car”. It was said that he comforted his girlfriend and finished their Daegu trip well although he felt quite sad.

He continued to reveal that his girlfriend wanted to have a proposal ring like the one of Hyuna – Dawn couple in celebration of their 100th day. The client explained, “I brought it with me just in case you don’t believe me. It’s a flower ring that my girlfriend wanted to have. She said she wanted it so I called a department store in Seoul to buy one.”

It is revealed that the client’s girlfriend said, “I want to go to Psy concert”, after receiving the ring. The client recalled that time and said, “She said she wanted to watch Psy concert. It was under a lot of pressure. Ticketing started at 8, but I had been waiting for it since 7:10. The server went down as soon as the ticket reservation started. I tried to get in for 2 hours but still couldn’t reserve any ticket. My girlfriend also tried, but both of us failed”. He added, “After the ticketing, the girlfriend’s attitude got colder. She was disappointed. I got dumped by her just because I failed to get a ticket to Psy concert.”

Upon hearing the absurd reason for their breakup, both Lee Soo-geun and Seo Jang-hoon couldn’t help but make a forced smile. The client said, “I couldn’t contact her so I came to meet her and asked her in person. I asked, ‘Do you hate contacting me?’. She answered with only one word. She said, ‘Yes’. Later, I called again to ask her the reason but she didn’t pick up.”

The client said that he later went to the SNS account of his girlfriend and saw a photo of 4 tickets to Psy concert on her profile photo. The client grabbed the back of his head and said, “I felt so complicated and I had many questions. We could still date each other happily without going to Psy concert, but why did she try to go to the concert at all cost? She went to the concert but didn’t say a word when I asked about it”, drawing laughter.

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