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Pentagon Kino proves his dance skills and breaks the prejudice on idol dancers, receiving praises from Honey J, “You’re born to be in the center”

Pentagon’s Kino performed a passionate stage on Mnet’s “Be Mbitious” and received favorable reviews from the masters.

A video clip of “Be Mbitious” first episode uploaded on the Youtube channel “The CHOOM” on May 24th showed Kino performing “Hey Mama” with popping dancers Jin and Lil C.  

On this day, the dancers were told to perform “Hey Mama” choreographed by dance crews Lachica and HolyBang. They must receive the “Respect” card to advance to the next round.

On the first attempt, Kino got a “Try Again” card because he couldn’t do the choreography well. Explaining why she gave Kino the “Try Again” card, HolyBang’s leader Honey J said, “I know he memorized the choreography but it feels like he was just dancing exactly what he memorized”.

Be Mbitious
Be Mbitious

Kino was angry at himself for getting the “Try Again” card. After then, Kino came to dancer Woo Tae whom he met for the first time and asked him to watch his performance. He clenched his teeth and prepared for the re-challenge stage.

Taking over the stage once again, Kino stood in the middle and showed off his dance skills with improved moves. He even performed the twerking and hip-bouncing choreographies perfectly, raising the viewers’ excitement. After watching Kino’s overwhelming stage, HolyBang and Lachica members finally gave him the “Respect” card.

Be Mbitious

Honey J, who criticized Kino’s performance in the first round, poured out compliments for him in this second attempt, saying “I guess you’re born to be in the center. You did so well when standing in the middle of the stage.”

Lachica’s Gabeee also praised Kino, saying “I’m not giving you the Respect card because of a pity feeling for your second attempt, but it was because you did really well.”

After the evaluation, Kino proudly entered the studio where other dancers were waiting. Everyone applauded and cheered for him enthusiastically. It was because Kino is an idol and he had created a perfect performance to break the prejudice that idols are worse at dancing than dancers.

Be Mbitious

In an interview with the production team later, Kino said, “I was so grateful that everyone congratulated me sincerely. I felt so great knowing everyone respect me for real.”

Meanwhile, the prequel program “Be Mbitious”, which selects a dance crew to compete in Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” scheduled to broadcast this summer, airs every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:20 p.m.

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