BLACKPINK surpassed Justin Bieber to become the artist with the highest number of followers on YouTube!

BLACKPINK’s Youtube channel officially reached 65.1 million followers.

According to YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK‘s official YouTube channel subscribers surpassed 65.2 million at 2:42 p.m today, ranking first in the field among all artists around the world.

It has been about five years and three months since the BLACKPINK channel was opened on June 28, 2016. Comparing to Justin Bieber, who has been guarding the YouTube throne for about 14 years and 9 months old, we can clearly see BLACKPINK’s tremendous growth.

BLACKPINK said, “I can’t believe it. It’s a miraculous moment created by BLINK (fandom)“, they said. “I want to give glory to fans around the world who always love and support us.”

As this is the result of our achievements with our fans, I hope BLINK will enjoy this joy as well. We will continue to be an artist who gives positive energy through good music and videos”

BLACKPINK was the first non-English-speaking artist to be listed in the “Top 5 YouTube Channel with the highest Subscribers” in July 2020. Since then, they have overtaken Ariana Grande, Eminem, Ed Sheeran, and Marshmallow in turn.

The number of YouTube subscribers is not a simple curiosity or one-time viewing of content, but a token of the steady interest and love of loyal fans.

BLACKPINK finally wrote a new history, securing millions of subscribers every time they releases a new song. This time again, Lisa’s solo album was released today, adding an explosive increase in the number of subscribers to confirm its strong influence (19,3 million)

BLACKPINK’s videos on YouTube, which have a total of 29 billion views, are quite unique. Currently, the cumulative number of YouTube videos is 20 billion views, which is on the verge of symbolic figures.

“DDU-DU DDU-DU is”, the title song of the first mini-album “SQUARE UP” in 2018. The music video surpassed 1.6 billion views, building the first golden tower in the K-pop group, and other music videos such as ‘Kill This Love’, ‘Boombayah’ and ‘As If It’s Your Last’ also hit 1 billion views.

Meanwhile, Lisa‘s title song “LALISA” music video easily exceeded 10 million views in about 90 minutes after it was released at 1 p.m. that day. The album recorded 800,000 pre-orders during the pre-sale period, signaling the highest performance in the history of female K-pop solo artists.

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