BLACKPINK Lisa finally debuts solo and tells the world who she is with MV ‘LALISA’

Lisa (BLACKPINK)’s solo debut is considered the most anticipated event of KPOP during this time.

At 1 PM on September 10, Lisa (BLACKPINK) has officially debuted as a soloist with her single album ‘LALISA’. The MV for her title song ‘LALISA’ has just also been released. Prior to the debut, YG announced that Lisa’s single exceeded 800 thousand copies of pre-order. This is the highest number recorded for a KPOP female solo artist.

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More than 1 million people waited for the release of MV Lalisa on YouTube

Born in Thailand, Lisa has brought many Thai cultural elements into her first solo album. She discussed with Teddy and insisted on adding Thail style beats to her album, and even her clothes also have Thailand’s traditional trademarks.

‘LALISA’ is a track with a bold brass riff and dynamic rhythm. Known for her amazing rap and dance skills, Lisa is expected to release a high-quality song that could portray her own personality.

Lisa also participated in the album’s production and the creation of images and choreography. According to Lisa, the killing point of the choreography is the chorus part, and there will be an impressive dance when the song turns to Thai style.

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Now, #LALISA is on No.1 Wordwide Music Trending on Twitter!

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