The current appearance of the actor who used to be very skinny and had narrow shoulders when he was working as a model

After debuting as an actor, Lee Jong Suk worked hard to change his appearance.

Lee Jong Suk will return to the big screen after 5 years with a leading role in the movie “Decibel” (director Hwang In Ho). “Decibel”, which is scheduled to release on November 16th, is a sound terror action film that centers around a bomb designer (Lee Jong Suk), who wants to occupy the city center with a special bob that explodes as soon as the noise increases, and former Navy deputy commander (Kim Rae Won), who became the target of the terrorism. 

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5 years after the movie “V.I.P”, Lee Jong Suk once again challenged acting as a villain through “Decibel”. 

Referring to Lee Jong Suk, actor Kim Rae Won, who is expected to present his expanded acting spectrum by creating a new character that he had never shown before through “Decibel”, shared, “He is more passionate than anyone else on the filming set”, adding “We worked together to create good synergy”.

At the age of 16, Lee Jong Suk started his career as a model at the Seoul Collection in 2005 and became the youngest male model to debut in the Seoul Collection. He continued to work as a top model with his youthful image in the model world that had a thick line between boys’ and men’s fashions. Since models often debut after they turn 18, Lee Jong Suk, who began modeling when he was 16, is already considered a senior to many veteran models at the moment.

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Lee Jong Suk’s appearance when he was a model can be seen on the special episode “Find the Most Unique Model” of SBS’s entertainment program “Game of Truth”, which aired in 2005. On the broadcast, Lee Jong Suk impressed everyone by doing an energetic break dance.

Later in 2010, Lee Jong Suk made his debut as an actor through SBS’s series “Prosecutor Princess”. He was then praised as a scene-stealer in the drama “Secret Garden” and became extremely popular among drama fans.

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After showcasing his acting skills in MBC’s “High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged”, Lee Jong Suk began to gain recognition as “actor Lee Jong Suk” with his performances in the movies “As One”, “R2B: Return to Base” and KBS 2TV’s drama “School 2013”.

Lee Jong Suk later starred in “The Face Reader” and SBS’s “I Can Hear Your Voice” and achieved success on the big screen and the small screen at the same time. His skinny body was advantageous at that time because he mostly played characters with the “flower boy” image. However, he began to build a more solid and strong body to expand his acting spectrum and take on different kinds of roles.

Lee Jong Suk

In the still cuts released before the official broadcast of SBS’s “Doctor Stranger”, Lee Jong Suk, who used to be tall and slim, surprised everyone as he boasted a muscular body and broad shoulders. The actor reportedly maintained his strong and solid physique even after the drama ended.

When filming MBC’s “W”, Lee Jong Suk confessed that he had to wear his own clothes because he worked out too hard before the filming of the drama and no outfits could fit his shoulders. 

Lee Jong Suk

Later, Lee Jong Suk continued to receive compliments for his deep emotional lines and stable acting skills in various works, such as SBS’s “While You Were Sleeping”, “The Hymn of Death”, tvN’s “Romance Is a Bonus Book”, and MBC’s “Big Mouth”. 

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