Former members of “Running Man” and their lives after leaving the hit program

Once official members of “Running Man”, these 4 stars have experienced a lot of changes after leaving the show.

Running Man” is among the most popular variety programs in Korea and other Asian nations for the past 12 years. Before settling down with its current cast however, there have been several member changes, and so far, 4 celebrities have left the shows for different reasons. 

Below are the 4 former members of “Running Man” and their lives: 


Lizzy started out as a guest member, before joining the fixed cast of “Running Man” in the first year. At the time, Lizzy, who was only 19 years old, gained attention for her cute appearance and iconic aegyos that swayed the hearts of male members. 


However, Lizzy later disappeared from the show, and the reason for her departure was never revealed. Many fans speculated that the filming schedules for “Running Man” may have conflicted with her schedules as a member of idol group “After School”, but nothing was ever confirmed. 


A couple of years later, Lizzy returned as a guest member in “Running Man”, and was enthusiastically welcomed by the rest of the cast. However, over the years, the female idol has gone through drastic changes. In  2018, Lizzy opted to leave After School and started to promote with her real name, Park Soo Ah.

Now, Lizzy is on a hiatus after a drunk driving incident. She once expressed her regrets and said sorry to the victims and fans on a livestream session.

Song Joong Ki

Similar to Lizzy, Song Joong Ki used to be a fixed “Running Man” member in the early days. He decided to leave the show after 8 months to focus on his acting career, but before that, he was known for his wit, gentleness, and “flowerboy” appearance.

Song Joong Ki

After leaving “Running Man”, Song Joong Ki slowly established his name through works like “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “The Innocent Man”. In 2016, the actor’s popularity exploded after starring as the male lead Yoo Shi Jin in “Descendants of the Sun”, and is now known as a top actor in Korea. 

Song Joong-ki

He later married his co-star in “Descendants of the Sun”, Song Hye Kyo, before filing for a divorce 2 years later. In 2021, Song Joong Ki made a deep impression via “Vincenzo”, and will return in the upcoming K-drama “Reborn Rich” this year. 

Kang Gary

Kang Gary used to be a part of the iconic “Monday Couple” alongside Song Ji Hyo, and is known for his hilarious flirting with the actress, as well as his “peaceful” demeanor. After 7 years of staying tight with “Running Man”, however, Gary decided to leave, citing that he wanted to focus on music. 

kang gary

However, soon after leaving “Running Man”, Gary left everyone shocked as he announced his marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend, and didn’t release much music after his departure. 


Now, Kang Gary’s son is already 5 years old, and is famous for being an adorable yet polite kid on “The Return of Superman”. Meanwhile, Kang Gary is now devoted to his family, and is preparing to join a music reality show. 

Lee Kwang Soo

Lee Kwang Soo is among the most favorite “Running Man” members, and is known for his bad luck and various nicknames, such as “traitor king”, “giraffe”, or “prince of Asia”. In June 2021, however, Lee Kwang Soo departed from “Running Man” after suffering from a leg injury, and left a big gap on the famous reality show.

lee kwang soo

After leaving, Lee Kwang Soo took on more acting projects, for a brief period, avoided variety shows due to his injury. Recently, however, the “prince of Asia” is now participating in more entertainment programs, and would often work alongside his former “Running Man” co-star Yoo Jae Suk. The actor is currently participating in “Korea No.1”, a TV program which visits artists who specialize in Korea’s traditional crafts. 

In addition, the actor’s 4-year relationship with actress Lee Sun Bin is still going well and receiving a lot of support from fans. 

lee kwang soo
lee kwang soo
Lee Kwang Soo has been more active with reality and entertainment shows after a brief break 

Source: K14

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