Netizens found more dating evidence between SEVENTEEN Joshua and influencer girlfriend: She went to his concert again?

The new dating evidence between SEVENTEEN Joshua and his non-celebrity girlfriend have surfaced

A recent post with over 40,000 views on the online community Nate Pann titled, “How much of a lovebird is Joshua?” has garnered attention. 

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The original poster shared evidence of Joshua and his alleged girlfriend, influencer Cho Mi Young, using couple items such as matching handbags and shoes. Notably, the shoes were worn by Joshua last week at SEVENTEEN’s concert in Japan.

OP also posted a screenshot of a Japanese fan attending SEVENTEEN’s concert on September 7, saying there were three people among the fans sitting in the VIP section who kept taking pictures whenever Joshua acted cute or made comments. OP wondered if those three people were Cho Mi Young and her friends again. 

Previously, Cho Mi Young and her two friends were found in the audiences at SEVENTEEN’s concert in Seoul, sparking a controversy. 

OP continued to point out that on September 12, when Cho Mi Young updated her Instagram with new photos, the Japanese fan said she looks exactly like the girl who was sitting in the VIP section at SEVENTEEN’s concert. 

Moreover, Cho Mi Young was recently found to have deleted various comments from her latest Instagram post and disabled the comment section. However, she left this comment: “Isn’t it normal for an influencer to date anyone she wants and even show it off? Why should she care about the fans of her boyfriend? Those fans should have cared about Joshua. Joshua, as a male idol, was making it obvious that he was dating, so he’s the problem. Why swear at her? Idol fans are out of their mind anyway, but this is still…”

OP also shared a private Instagram account with the username “otakusmell” that Cho Mi Young is following and commented, “She is following a weird account and seems to be enjoying it.”

Under this post on Pann, other netizens left comments:

  • “Matching couple items even at last week’s Japan concert? Wow, seriously, he’s a legendary idol. He’s a real romantic.”
  • “Is she making fun of Carats? Saying they smell like an otaku?”
  • “Otaku smell, LOL. It seems like she is calling Carats like that. She knows what fans think and still does this.”
  • “I guarantee that Joshua cried not because he felt sorry towards the fans. He cried because he felt unjustly accused after being sworn at. Fans, don’t be fooled.”
  • “These are new? Wow…”
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