TVXQ’s Changmin Shows Disappointment: “SM is not going well”

On the 416th episode of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros“, which aired on January 13th, TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin appeared as special guests. 

During the episode, Yunho was asked how many floors they would have moved up if the SM Entertainment building had 10 floors, to which the male idol replied, “The floor number doesn’t seem important. I just want to express ourselves as a team that built the foundation (for SM).”


Observing Changmin’s uneasy expression at Yunho’s statement, Kim Heechul said with a laugh, “Changmin doesn’t know what to say.” To this, Changmin responded, “I was thinking about moving up about 3 floors.”

Later, when asked about artists with the largest stake in the building, Yunho mentioned Super Junior, saying, “It’s hard to choose, but Super Junior also made a significant contribution.

The conversation then turned to the question of whether TVXQ members own shares in the company, to which Yunho answered, “We don’t have any.”

The “Knowing Bros” cast members, who are aware that BoA holds an executive position in SM, expressed confusion, saying, “Hasn’t the time come for that?” and “Don’t they give you a position?” 

In response, Changmin humorously showed disappointment, saying, “Some friends who debuted later than us have acquired titles. We’ve been doing our best for the company for 20 years, and we’re still just solo artists. SM is not going well. It’s a mess.”

Source: Daum

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