Kang Gary 6 years after leaving “Running Man”: barely release music, now a family man

How is the former member Kang Gary of variety show “Running Man” faring?

Kang Gary, who once formed the iconic “Monday Couple” with actress Song Ji Hyo, used to be a popular member of famous variety show “Running Man”. His funny flirting with Song Ji Hyo and his forever unchanging peaceful face help Kang Gary build a one-of-a-kind image on the Korean small screen. However, after 7 years of “running” with “Running Man”, the artist suddenly left the show, citing his wish to focus on music. His announcement leaves fans in deep regrets, who even now, miss Gary’s appearance. 

kang gary
Kang Gary went viral for his forever peaceful face
kang gary song ji hyo
And the once iconic “Monday Couple”
running man
The singer ended up leaving “Running Man” in October 2016, after almost 7 years. 

However, shortly after his departure, Kang Gary took fans by surprise again by announcing his marriage with a non-celebrity. According to the rapper, no wedding would be held due to their mutual wish. 

I always think that I will have no wedding upon marriage, and turns out, my wife shares the same thought. She said we should just register our marriage and live happily. So that’s what we did: we went to get certified, then we got barbecue. I think our relationship is more important than a wedding, and I’m always grateful and apologetic towards my wife”, Gary said. 

kang gary
Kang Gary held no wedding.

Regrettably, Kang Gary also severed contact with everyone after his wedding, including all “Running Man” members. Many fans were thus extremely disappointed.

kang gary
“Running Man” members don’t know what Gary is upto.

It took a long time for Kang Gary to finally publish photos of his new family. The rapper also appeared on “The Return of Superman” alongside his son Kang Ha Oh, who quickly earns the love of the public with his nice and mature demeanor despite the young age. 

Kang Gary
Kang Gary only published photos of his family later on
kang gary
Kang Gary took his son to participate in The Return Of Superman, marking the first time he returned to a reality show after leaving Running Man.
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