The serious health condition caused Lee Kwang Soo to leave Running Man after 11 years

The news that Lee Kwang Soo left the cast of Running Man after 11 years made fans extremely regretful.

This morning (April 27), Korean media simultaneously reported that Lee Kwang Soo will leave the cast of Running Man after 11 years of sticking.  Filming for his last episodewill be completed this May.  This information makes fans shocked and regretted.

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The reason for the actor’s departure from the show is the injury from the car accident last year.  Despite being treated, this injury greatly affected Lee Kwang Soo’s condition duringthe filming of the show.  Finally, after a period of discussionwith the production team, the management company, and other Running Man members, Lee Kwang Soo decided to withdraw from the program to take a rest and recoverphysically and mentally.

Back on February 15, 2020, Lee Kwang Soo’s car wassuddenly hit by a car that violated the traffic sign.  The accident caused a serious injury to his ankle and he had to undergo surgery.  Lee Kwang Soo had to stop participating in Running Man for 2 weeks and after that, he was on crutchesto reappear on the show.

Working with high intensity made Lee Kwang Soo’s injuryunable to fully recover after more than 1 year.  That is the reason why he had to leave Running Man, the program he hasbeen with for 11 years.

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