Rain reveals he doesn’t swear at haters and exercise helps him relieve stress 

Rain addressed malicious comments in the latest video on his channel. 

On October 6th, on Rain’s YouTube channel “Season B Season”, a video featuring popular YouTuber Pung Ja about how to deal with malicious commenters was posted. 

Pung Ja asked, “YouTube is very different from the TV shows you have been doing. There is real swearing and stuff like that. Can you do it?” Rain replied, “I can’t, because we can get hooked in one shot.”

Pung Ja said, “For example, if you went out on the street, people saw you and said ‘OMG, aren’t you Rain? Nice to meet you’ and you said, ‘Go away,’ swear words such as ‘Do you think being a world star is everything?’ would come up. But If I went out and somebody asked me ‘OMG aren’t you Pung Ja?’ and I said, ‘I’m sorry, but I’m busy, can’t you get out of the way?’ They would like it so much.”

When Pung Ja suggested, “Try swearing coolly for once, at those who curse you,” Rain hesitated, saying, “I can’t. My heart is not prepared.”

When asked if it’s hard because he can’t say what he wants to say, Rain said, “It is. But I can relieve stress by working out. I do it while thinking ‘Those XXX people’.”

Meanwhile, Rain was recently caught up in rumors that he was cheating on Kim Tae Hee with a beautiful female professional golfer. However, Rain’s agency has denied the rumor and announced legal action.

Source: nate

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