Kpop idols “failed” lip-syncing cases: Some get praised but others get hated.

They’re all idols that used lip-syncing but the reactions from netizens is clearly discriminatory.

Lipsync (lip-syncing) is a very sensitive topic in the Kpop industry. It shows the responsibility of an artist with their work and it’s also one of the criterias used to evaluate idol skills nowadays. Therefore, netizens are always ready to throw the harshest criticisms at idols who are detected to have lip-synced.
However, life is not fair and neither are Korean netizens. They could throw negative comments at idol A for lip-syncing but turn around and immediately praise idol B for the same mistake. Is this clearly a biasing case or is there a different reason behind this?
Maybe we can get the answer with a review of each idol’s lip-syncing history. The fact that idols who were criticized by netizens are mostly idols with a regular frequency of lipsync, meanwhile some well-known idols that are recognized as real talent who suddenly used lip-syncing and failed get sympathy from netizens seems unfair. The following 8 idols are the best examples:

Nayeon (TWICE)

At the 2016 WFMF Kpop Concert, the oldest member of TWICE was caught red handed for lip-syncing when she suddenly dropped her mic while performing their hit “Cheer Up. Korean netizens now criticize Nayeon with such heavy words as “She couldn’t make it perfect even with lip-syncing” and keep sticking TWICE with the “talentless visual” image.

Nayeon’s lip-syncing was exposed at 00:15

Jungkook (BTS)

The golden maknae of Bangtan Boys is probably the most tolerated idol on this list. BTS rarely lip-synces but fails every time they have to, giving netizens many chances to laugh at their lack of professionalism in lip-syncing.
The rare and the most common moment was at KBS Gayo Daejun stage in 2016, when Jungkook was busy pulling a towel from his pocket and completly forgot to move his lips along with the music from the background. This incident has become a joke for the fandom, and K-nets couldn’t do anything else but… praise his cuteness. BTS got so used to live performances that they didn’t even know how to lip-sync, what else can we do about that?

Jungkook’s lip-syncing was exposed at 1:21

Yeri (Red Velvet)

In May 2015, Red Velvet performed their debut song “Happiness” after the addition of Yeri as the 5th member of the group. However, this’s probably the stage that Yeri would never want to be on again.
Her lip-syncing was clearly exposed because the female idol only remembered to put her mic close to her mouth when it was towards the end of her part, even though her pre-recorded voice still had been heard since the beginning. This incident made netizens have much more prejudice against her. Most of the netizens said that her young age couldn’t be used as an excuse to help her get away with the mistake, and they also commented that the maknae is lacking too many skills compared to the rest of the members.

Yeri’s lip-syncing was exposed at 1:08

Tiffany (SNSD)

As one of the vocalists in one of Korea’s top girlgroups with about 10 years of experience in the Kpop industry, Tiffany’s lip-syncing is unacceptable for too many people. Moreover, there wasn’t any choreography in the performance of “Once in a Lifetime” and the female idol only had to stay in her seat and sing, that made K-nets question even more about the reason behind SNSD’s lipsync.
In the middle of this scandal, netizens were split into two opposing sides: one constantly criticized Tiffany’s irresponsible behavior while the other one tried to defend and protect her..

Tiffany’s lip-syncing was exposed at 1:34 – 1:39 and 2:37 – 2:41


It’s a fact that EXO members aren’t talentless at all but always got criticized by Korean netizens because of the many times they were caught lip-syncing. Let’s leave aside the recent times and go back to 2013, when the boygroup from SM debuted not so long ago.
At the WAPOP concert, their vocalist quartet including Chen, Baekhyun, D.O and Luhan had performed the song “Open Arms” – a very emotional and delicate song. However, after watching a fancam which was recorded by an EXO-L, the emotion was strongly destroyed when people realized that D.O had missed his part and only put the mic close to his mouth some seconds later after it ended.

D.O’s lip-syncing was exposed at 00:32

Eunha (G-Friend)

In 2015 when they were getting a lot of recognition with their hit “Me Gustas Tu”, Eunha – the main vocalist of the group suddenly forgot her part and accidently exposed her own lip-syncing right on the radio show. The camera has captured that moment very clearly and it became one of the most iconic examples of ultra-fail lipsync in Kpop history.
It’s predictable that Eunha was thrown into the storm of criticism with her lacking of professionalism. Many netizens got angry with their way of working. They said that using lipsync in a non-choreo song was too irresponsible when their only job was simply singing while standing in one place.
Eunha’s lip-syncing was exposed at 00:46

Sources: k14

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