Colleagues Pay Tribute To The Late Park Bo-ram, Netizens Curious About Ex-Lover Seo In-guk’s Reaction

The news of singer Park Bo-ram suddenly passing away on April 12th shocked the whole Korean entertainment industry

On the morning of April 12th, Korean media reported that “Superstar K2” singer Park Bo-ram had passed away at the age of 30. 

The sudden passing of the female singer left many fellow celebrities who used to work with her in great shock. Many have expressed their condolences and regrets to the deceased.

Lee Bo Ram, Kim Greem, Yoo Jae Pil

Lee Bo-ram, who joined “Superstar K2” together with Park Bo-ram, left a sorrowful message, saying “I can’t believe she has passed away. This sad news came too suddenly. Bo-ram ah, I hope you rest peacefully in heaven”. 

In addition, singer Kim Greem asked netizens to stop spreading false information and speculations about Park Bo-ram’s death during the police’s ongoing investigation. She said, “The reason behind her death has not been confirmed so I hope everyone will not make speculative posts”, adding “At that place, you must be happy, Bo-ram”. Comedian Yoo Jae-pil also paid tribute to his close colleague. 

seo in guk

Amid the grief over losing a talented singer, the public also pays attention to the late female singer’s ex-boyfriend, actor Seo In-guk. Until now, Seo In-guk has not yet expressed his feelings regarding the sudden passing of his ex-girlfriend.

Namyangju Police Station revealed that Park Bo-ram was found unconscious in the bathroom after returning home from her drinking party with friends on the evening of April 11th. Noticing Park Bo-ram’s unusual condition, her friends tried CPR and took her to hospital. Unfortunately, the actress couldn’t regain consciousness.

park bo ram

According to Heraldcorp, the police are investigating the reason for Park Bo-ram’s death by requesting a forensic examination from the Korea National Forensic Service and looking into other evidence. The bereaved family is preparing to set up a funeral for the late singer. 

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