Netizens find out the reason why TWICE’s Chaeyoung rarely wears backless outfits in public

In TWICE’s latest choreography video, netizens have noticed a special thing about Chaeyoung. 

Whenever TWICE’s Chaeyoung is mentioned, netizens will think of a cute female idol on the outside but bold and rebellious on the inside. Unlike most members of TWICE, Chaeyoung is the only one who regularly bleaches and dyes her hair bright and unique colors. She also has numerous eye-catching tattoos on her body.

In Korea, tattooing has always been controversial. Tattoos are often considered to represent violent and anti-social individuals who violate standards in this socially conservative country. Therefore, Chaeyoung, regardless of her bold personality, rarely reveals her tattoos in public. On stage, she has to use duct tape to cover her tattoos.

Netizens find out the reason why TWICE’s Chaeyoung rarely wears backless outfits in public

Recently, in TWICE’s choreography video for SCIENTIST, Chaeyoung was wearing a crop top, so when she was dancing, she accidentally revealed the big tattoo on her back. 

This is not the first time netizens have “spotted” Chaeyoung‘s tattoos. In the Cry For Me dance practice video, her back tattoo is also seen. 

Netizens are surprised at the size and color of the tattoo on Chaeyoung‘s back. It seems that she often hides it by using tattoo-fading cream or wearing long tops… Sometimes, because Chaeyoung is too focused on dancing, she accidentally reveals her tattoos a little.

Many netizens believe that the tattoo on her back is the reason why Chaeyoung rarely wears bare-back outfits, whether on stage, at events or casually. Chaeyoung‘s tattoo is quite large, if it is openly shown to the public, it can easily cause unnecessary controversy, so she cleverly chooses to hide it.

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