Song Kang surprised fans with his talking tone: “He really uses such tone?”

Actor Song Kang’s online tone is drawing attention as it is 180 degrees different from his cold city guy image.   

Recently, an article titled “Song Kang’s online chatting tone with a lot of unexpected expressions” was posted on various online communities. This article contained a capture of the actor’s online comment written on Song Kang‘s official fan cafe and Instagram.

Song Kang talking tone

Unlike his cold city guy visual, Song Kang’s tone was cute and adorable. He left comments such as “I almost passed out because it was sho hawt,” “Wot can I do if I can’t shleep,” and “Gotta munch munch pork cutlet after tomorrow’s shoot.”

It’s not just this. Song Kang also excited fans’ hearts with his cute pronunciation in the comments such as “I can’t open my eyes,” “Why><,” “Bbuing><,” “Sho good><,” and “Like like” on his Instagram account.

Song Kang talking tone

Netizens who saw this responded, “He is as cute as a baby,” “I can’t match it because it’s completely different from his face,” “It’s cute to see Song Kang like that even though I don’t like that tone,” and “I was reading this with a straight face, but then I can’t help but smile.”

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