INFINITE L: “I have received criticisms not because of idol preconception but for my bad acting”

Infinite L and actress Kim Myung-soo responded to the controversy in the past “At that time, I have received criticism because I did not do well."
Infinite L and actress Kim Myung-soo responded to the controversy in the past “At that time, I have received criticism because I did not do well.”

Kim Myung-Soo received positive reception with his acting as Im Bareun, a judge in a civil court, who adhered to the principle in JTBC drama “Miss Hamamurabi” (directed by Kwak Jung-hwan and written by Moon Yoosuk) which ended on July 16. Kim Myung-Soo expressed his feelings when he stated, “I was happy that Im Bareun received a lot of attention and love. Although I was disappointed with the audience rating because it overlapped with the World Cup, I learned good acting and met good people. I hope it could become a drama that everyone will talk about many years later.
His acting has significantly improved compared to his previous work in MBC’s “Gunju: Master of the Mask”. The actor’s work has been reviewed as growing more maturely. Kim Myung-Soo also stated: “I heard the first reaction when I was filming the 15th and 16th episodes because the drama was 90% pre production. There was a lot of heavy scenes such as the last public participation trial and resignation but the atmosphere was good because everything was going fine. But I think it was not enough. It would be different if I received the feedbacks sooner and so I feel very sorry that I could have done better with it.”.
Praise is good but the next question is evolving. With this the actor said, “I felt that there was not enough pronunciation in this work. In fact, the legal term itself was difficult and the role had a lot of speaking. I felt that these things were immature. I would like to try and fix these things and show my better image in my next work.”.
“Miss Hamamurabi” was the first drama that Infinite L had the opportunity to play the title role. When the casting line-up was released, viewers did not give big expectations for the rookie actor. Could it be because of the negative tages that “idol actors” have? L or Kim Myungsoo said, “There is a prejudice against idol actors and I have been cursed with it since the viewers believed I did not perform well.”.
He also said, “Actually, when I was acting in front of a lot of people, I could not concentrate on acting even if I wanted to because I had a lot of activities with Infinite. I wasn’t able to immerse myself in my work because of it and now that I have, I feel that my effort has appeared well as a result and the viewers have also given me a good evaluation.”.
Finally he added, “I have now received attention by being actor Kim Myung-Soo rather than being Infinite’s L, but if I join the next drama I think there will be some people’s preconceptions of me being an idol. It was my first drama as the lead role and I felt good because I was able to do well thanks to me meeting with good seniors and being praised by the viewers.”.

Sources: newsen

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