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Choi Si-won, friendship with Jackie Chan “I was invited to Jackie Chan’s birthday party. He sent a chartered plane to pick me up”

Choi Si-won showed off his close relationship with Jackie Chan.

On the May 29th broadcast of SBS’ “My Little Old Boy”, Choi Si-won invited Tak Jae-hoon, Lee Sang-min and Im Won-hee to a luxury restaurant.

suju siwon

On this day, Tak Jae-hoon told Choi Si-won, “I don’t think you have to do activities in Korea. Because you have many foreign connections.” Choi Si-won said, “Anyway, domestic activities are the most important.” Regarding this, Lee Sang-min asked, “Aren’t you close to Jackie Chan?” Choi Si-won replied, “We filmed a movie together.”

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Choi Si-won was even invited to Jackie Chan’s birthday party. Choi Si-won said, “I and Jackie Chan have the same birthday. And our tendencies are similar. I went to celebrate his birthday on my birthday. I did this until before enlisting in the military.”

suju siwon

Lee Sang-min went on to say, “I also went to Jackie Chan’s birthday party. I went in 2000. When I arrived at the airport, Jackie Chan’s car came. It had ‘JC’ on it.” Choi Si-won surprised everyone by revealing, “I’m grateful that he sent a chartered plane to pick me up.”

suju siwon

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