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“Broadcasting mistake?”… Kang Daniel made an unexpected remark on the recent “Street Man Fighter” live broadcast 

MC Kang Daniel caused controversy over his mistake on the final broadcast of “Street Man Fighter”.

On November 9th, an article titled “A joke or a mistake. Kang Daniel’s remark drew divided responses” was posted on the online community theqoo.

In the article, a video cut from the live broadcast of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” final episode on November 8th was attached. 

kang daniel

MC Kang Daniel received favorable reviews for maintaining the tension of the program and leading the atmosphere well on the broadcast that day.

However, at the end of the broadcast, he suddenly mentioned the products from the brands that sponsored the program, saying “I’ll greet the advertisers”.

just jerk street man fighter

Kang Daniel mentioned the carbonated water brand “Trevi”, saying “Trevi tastes very nice. I’m just kidding. But I said it half-seriously”.

After confirming, netizens pointed out that the brand that sponsored “Street Man Fighter” was not “Trevi” but another carbonated water brand called “Seagram”.

kang daniel

In response to Kang Daniel’s awkward remark, netizens commented, “Is that a joke?”, “He was hosting the program well but then suddenly…”, “It was like a comment to cover up a broadcasting mistake”, “If it was an intentional joke, it would be even more embarrassing”, etc.

Meanwhile, Just Jerk became the final winner of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”.

Source: wikitree

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