Kim Min-guk’s “short but strong” answer to a fan asking him to “get enlisted instead of Seo Kang-joon” 

Kim Min-guk left a short but strong answer in reply to an unreasonable request from a fan.

Kim Min-guk, the son of announcer-turned-broadcaster Kim Sung-joo, had had a question-and-answer session with fans through his Instagram story on Nov 21st.

kim min guk instagram

On this day, a fan has made a playful request to Kim Min-guk, saying, “Please go to the military instead of Seo Kang-joon.” In response, Kim Min-guk tactfully replied, “You’re so mean,” drawing laughter. Actor Seo Kang-joon will soon enlist in the military on Nov 23rd which has previously been announced.

kim min guk instagram
seo kang joon
Seo Kang Joon

In addition, when asked, “Don’t you intend to cut your hair?” Kim Min-guk boasted his long hairstyle and said, “I’m already worried even without being asked. Please recommend a hairstyle for me. Or just tell me to cut it.”

kim min guk instagram

Meanwhile, Kim Sung-joo’s family has been receiving great love and support for their appearance on MBC’s “Dad, Where Are We Going?“, which aired in 2013.

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