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 The Real Reason for Lee Kwang-soo’s Departure from “Running Man”? “Pressure from Comic Image, Can’t Sleep If Not Funny”

Singer-actor Do Kyungsoo (EXO’s D.O.) expressed concern over Lee Kwang-soo’s drunk driving

In episode 5 of tvN’s variety show “GBRB: Reap What You Sow”, which aired on Nov 10th, Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Woo-bin, Do Kyungsoo and Kim Ki-bang continued their dry-field farming challenge.

On this day, the four shared childhood stories while moving to the field by car. When D.O. said “I couldn’t raise my hand because I was too embarrassed to make presentations“, Kim Woo-bin revealed, “I still feel that way. Even these days, the scariest thing is having to speak.

Lee Kwang-soo confessed, “At some point, people started looking at me with eyes expecting laughter. If I give a safe comment, they are disappointed. So, I just give up.” Kim Woo-bin empathized, “People who don’t know Kwang-soo well remember him as ‘Running Man’ Kwang-soo.

When Do Kyungsoo mentioned “Kwang-soo, your tension level is still very high, isn’t it?“, Lee Kwang-soo revealed the reason why he drinks caffeine, “That’s why I drink a lot of coffee. Energy drinks or something like that.

Lee Kwang-soo

While holding the steering wheel, Lee Kwang-soo ate the alcohol-infused bread brought by Kim Ki-bang. Seeing this, Do Kyungsoo suddenly doubted, “Alcohol-infused bread, it doesn’t have anything to do with drunk driving, right? It’s made by adding makgeolli (unrefined rice wine), isn’t it?

After a brief pause, Lee Kwang-soo replied “Don’t people sell alcohol-infused bread on the streets?“, denying any connection with alcohol. Eventually, Kim Woo-bin and Kim Ki-bang started searching, and Kim Ki-bang said, “It seems alcohol-infused bread is okay even for pregnant women. You can relax.”

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