BLACKPINK Jisoo expresses her thoughts on solo career, members’ relationship and more

BLACKPINK Jisoo captivates attention with her thoughtfulness on a reality show appearance.

On April 7th, Jisoo made an appearance as a guest on Lee Young Ji’s “My Alcohol Diary.” On the released episode, Jisoo and Lee Young Ji gained a deeper understanding of the each other’s life. Also, on this occasion, Jisoo showed a tactful and sophisticated side of herself through her views on life and response to malicious criticism. 

Young Ji jumped on the “FLOWER” dance challenge with Jisoo. (Image: Instagram sooyaaa_)

Apart from the on-screen shenanigans with Lee Young Ji, Jisoo also revealed her sophisticated view upon receiving questions from Lee young Ji. Specifically, Jisoo shared that: “If I were you or BLACKPINK, I might be afraid of going down, and I thought it will be stressful.” However, she added, “I don’t get stressed out. I mean… We have to go down eventually, as we had our moment. So, if we go down, there will be someone who goes up.” Reflecting on the current worldwide influence of K-pop, the singer said, “[I think] it will be better that it continues like this at the moment,” adding, “that Korean music industry is doing well around the world.” 

Jisoo shared her thoughts on the burgeoning popularity of BLACKPINK. (Image: youngji_boxmedia)

At the same time, Jisoo made use of the program to address rumors of conflict between BLACKPINK members: “We (BLACKPINK members) laugh when we see those things. I say [things] like ‘They say that I am your competition, so be careful’, ‘Hey, why didn’t you post it on your Instagram, it made a rumor’, ‘You should have promoted my album’ like this, right? We treat them as a joke.” 

Jisoo firmly stated the members had no conflict. (Image: youngji_boxmedia)

Jisoo also revealed she never read groundless rumors or baseless criticism. She also did not have the need to look herself up on search bars. She had this idea of living life the way she wanted and not caring about irrelevant things. That was her secret of maintaining a positive mindset. 

Jisoo chose to be positive in the face of malicious comments. (Image: Instagram sooyaaa_)

Before, during a press conference to promote “How You Like That,” a reporter asked if the BLACKPINK members had any plans for solo activities. In response, Jisoo said that she hoped the audience could focus on the newly released track at hand. That goes to show how quick Jisoo is in dealing with tricky questions.  

Source: YAN News 

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