Hollywood stars Max Minghella and Dylan O’Brien are BTS fans?

A post the Korean site Theqoo is gathering attention from netizens for giving pieces of evidence to prove that Hollywood stars Max Minghella and Dylan O’Brien is a fan of BTS.

People assume O’Brien (the male lead of “The Maze Runner”)  and Max Minghella is a BTS fan

An MTV employee named Bell revealed that during an interview, Max Minghella and Elle Fanning talked about BTS and said their favorite member is V. The interview is said to be released tomorrow.

He said he went to their L.A concert after Dylan O’Brien got him into BTS. (There are also rumors that he went there with Elle Fanning).

This is Dylan O’Brien dancing to BTS‘ “Mic Drop.”

Source: Theqoo

  • Wow, so amazing.
  • Heol, he is the lead of “The Maze Runner.”
  • Wow, daebak!
  • A handsome man says he like the handsome V? I want to know the whole thing.
  • I like V too.
  • Wow, this is so surprising.
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