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Ahn Eun-jin, Blue Dragon Film Awards dress exposure incident “I was embarrassed, but such things can happen in life”

Ahn Eun-jin confessed her feelings about dress exposure incident on the red carpet of the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards

Ahn Eun-jin appeared on the Dec 6th broadcast of tvN’s “You Quiz On The Block” (You Quiz). She said, “I saw NewJeans in person. My ultimate bias is Hanni. She really stared at me for 5 seconds. I’m not lying. I thought my heart stopped. It’s trustworthy because Ryu Jun-yeol confirmed it.

At the Blue Dragon Film Awards, Ahn Eun-jin wore a one-hundred-won off-shoulder dress on the red carpet, but the dress slightly slipped down, revealing her underwear for a brief moment. She recalled, “That day was spectacular. I was too nervous when taking pictures, and the dress I wore that day slipped down a bit. It’s embarrassing to talk about. Since everyone around me was worried, I wanted to talk about it. I was embarrassed, but such things can happen in life. After that, I made eye contact with Hanni and recovered.”

Ahn Eun-jin

When asked if there were any financial changes for her after the success of “My Dearest”, she humorously boasted, “I’m living comfortably without turning off the heater. I can even set the temp to 26 degrees in winter. It was fun to choose items on discount when shopping, but now I can buy whatever I want. Yesterday, I freely bought strawberries and Shine Muscat, and I can pour Greek yogurt as much as I want.”

Namkoong Min, who made a surprise appearance, confessed, “‘My Dearest’ was the longest and most challenging drama I’ve ever filmed. A lot of effort went into the production. The story with Ahn Eun-jin was so beautiful. Ahn Eun-jin is a junior I adore. She has passion, good sense, and is a good person. If there’s a path for her to do well, I want to help her a lot. I often told her, ‘I hope you do well. If you don’t, I’ll be angry! I hope you become a world star.’

Regarding the controversy of miscasting in “My Dearest”, Ahn Eun-jin shared her honest thoughts, “Before ‘My Dearest’, I filmed ‘The Good Bad Mother’. Around the end of ‘The Good Bad Mother’, my body was in a lot of pain. Before the filming of ‘My Dearest’, my health was not good, and I took a month off. I couldn’t film at all. This time last year was a difficult period for me. I experienced side effects from taking strong medicine. In that situation, the burden of ‘My Dearest’ also overlapped. After script reading, when I came home and took a shower, I thought I wanted to run away. But I learned that as time goes by, difficult times will pass as well.”

Ahn Eun-jin revealed that the health issue she faced was facial paralysis. She explained, “One side of my face felt strangely stiff. I initially thought it was just swelling. I went to the hospital during filming, but it didn’t immediately get better. Even walking for just 10 minutes to take a stroll caused my knees to swell so much that I couldn’t bend them. I think I gained strength from acting as Gil-chae. And I believed that if I portrayed her well, viewers would follow along.“

Source: Nate

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