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Ahn Eun-jin Reveals Facial Paralysis Struggle Before Filming “My Dearest”, Addresses Miscasting Controversy 

Ahn Eun-jin spoke out about the early controversy over her ‘My Dearest’ casting, sharing words that she had not expressed before

On the episode of tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’ aired on December 6th, Ahn Eun-jin appeared as a guest. After appearing three years ago, Ahn Eun-jin returned to ‘You Quiz’ for the 1st time. Yoo Jae-suk commented, “It feels like you’ve grown.”

When asked about her thoughts on the recently ended MBC’s hit drama ‘My Dearest,’ Ahn Eun-jin said, “I’m thankful that it ended without anyone getting hurt. I’m spending the end of the year with gratitude for the love I’ve received. I’ve been filming throughout all four seasons in the past year.” 

Ahn Eun-jin also shared her recent whereabouts, “I’ve been sleeping too much. Even while watching TV, I would unintentionally fall asleep.”

Ahn Eun-jin

When asked if there were any financial changes for her after the success of ‘My Dearest,’ she humorously boasted, “I’m living comfortably without turning off the heater. I can even set the temp to 26 degrees in winter. It was fun to choose items on discount when shopping, but now I can buy whatever I want. Yesterday, I freely bought strawberries and Shine Muscat, and I can pour Greek yogurt as much as I want.” 

Unexpectedly, a video message from Namgoong Min appeared in the middle of this episode. 

Namgoong Min said, “My Dearest was the longest and most challenging drama I’ve ever filmed. A lot of effort went into the production. The story with Ahn Eun-jin was so beautiful. Ahn Eun-jin is a junior I adore. She has passion, good sense, and is a good person. If there’s a path for her to do well, I want to help her a lot. I hope you do well, and if you don’t, I’ll be angry! I hope you become a world star,” expressing his affection for Ahn Eun-jin.

Ahn Eun-jin talked about working with Namgoong Min, “It was a bit awkward at first, so it was not easy to approach him. But as time passed, I learned how to approach him. To be honest, I thought, ‘Did I do something wrong?’ in the beginning, but later, I started telling him, ‘I felt a bit upset when you said that earlier.’ Then he would say, ‘Did I? I’m sorry.’ In the past, I used to hold onto feelings of being upset alone, but now I speak out. And it changed the way we communicate.

Regarding the early controversy of miscasting, Ahn Eun-jin shared her honest thoughts, “Before ‘My Dearest,’ I filmed ‘The Good Bad Mother.’ Around the end of ‘The Good Bad Mother,’ my body was in a lot of pain. Before the filming of ‘My Dearest,’ my health was not good, and I took a month off. I couldn’t film at all. This time last year was a difficult period for me. I experienced side effects from taking strong medicine. In that situation, the burden of ‘My Dearest’ also overlapped. After script reading, when I came home and took a shower, I thought I wanted to run away. But I learned that as time goes by, difficult times will pass as well.” 

Ahn Eun-jin revealed that the health issue she faced was facial paralysis. She specified, “One side of my face felt strangely stiff. I initially thought it was just swelling. I went to the hospital during filming, but it didn’t immediately get better. Even walking for just 10 minutes to take a stroll caused my knees to swell so much that I couldn’t bend them. I think I gained strength from acting as Gilchae. And I believed that if I portrayed her well, the viewers would follow along.

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