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Lee Sang-yeop X Jessi in couple outfits, are they dating?… Yoo Jae-seok commented, “They look like community office staff”

Lee Sang-yeop and Jessi drew attention as they were recently seen on “Sixth Sense 3” in mint-colored ‘couple’ outfits.

Dancers Aiki and No:ze appeared on tvN’s entertainment program “Sixth Sense 3” broadcast, which aired on May 13th.


At the beginning of the broadcast, Jeon So-min suspiciously looked at Lee Sang-yeop and Jessi then pointed to their outfits. The two looked like a couple as they were wearing mint-colored shirts.

In response to the situation, Yoo Jae-seok jokingly said, “They look like community office staff who are on a date”. “How can the color of our clothes turn out to be like this?”, Jessi said and got embarrassed.

Source: news.nate.com

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