Gain receives criticism for breaking promise to have drug-test every three months after being fined for illegal use of propofol

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in was revealed to be fined for illegal use of propofol last year. Four years ago, Ga-in, who said, “I will have a drug test every three months” broke the promise to herself.

According to Ga-in‘s agency, Mystic Story, last year, Ga-in was fined 1 million won after undergoing a summary indictment regarding propofol. The agency explained, “Ga-in has suffered from severe pains, depression, and sleep disorders for a long time due to the accumulation of major and minor injuries during her promotions, and she has made a reckless choice.”

“Even though both Gain and our agency realized this was socially an incorrect thing, we did not apologize for the mistake first, and we bow our heads in apology for causing more concern with this sudden news.”

But public opinion isn’t on Ga-in’s side anymore. It’s because Ga-in broke the promise she made to herself, which she confessed to denying drug solicitation several times, and that she would get a drug test every three months.

After Ga-in announced on her SNS in 2017 that she was suffering from sleep disorders and panic disorder, she directly posted on social media not to recommend her drugs. Even in a mentally unstable situation, she received a lot of support by refusing to take drugs.

However, Ga-in was sentenced to a fine for illegal use of propofol after four years. The agency later explained that she had made a reckless choice due to depression and sleep disorders, but this is only a belated explanation. No matter how severe the depression and sleep disturbances are, there is no room for forgiveness for ‘illegal’ propofol administration that is not legally prescribed by a doctor.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain, who promised herself not to use drugs in public, failed to keep that promise after only four years, and bowed her head due to illegal use of propofol.

Source: nate

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