Butterfly Effect Created By LE SSERAFIM’s Waist Size: “Excessive Diet” VS “Simple Question”

As the issue of companies forcing idols to lose weight and undergo plastic surgery has been constantly raised, the public’s opinion has become sensitive.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kim Chae-won and Sakura recently appeared in an episode of MBC’s entertainment show “Point of Omnicent Interfere,” which aired on February 24th. In this episode, host Lee Young-ja asked Kim Chae-won and Sakura, “What is your waist size?” Sakura said, “I recently measured it and it’s 17 inches,” and Kim Chae-won also answered, “17 inches.” She then explained, “I think it came out thin because I measured it before eating.”

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Some people criticized the show’s question. A popular group like them can become an example for the younger generation, including teenagers. It is pointed out that the hosts asking about their waist size and being surprised by it makes people think they are envying and that the “thin waist” itself can be seen as a symbol of a “well-managed” idol. Internet users said “They are really skinny,” “That’s the body I want,” and “I envy them.” Some pointed out that this is an anachronistic question, “Why do you ask girls about their waist size?” and “This is not good information for teenagers.”

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However, there are also strong objections that such criticism is excessive. Regardless of her body shape, Lee has done her broadcasting activities with confidence. To Lee, “thin” LE SSERAFIM that contrasts with her might have been simply amazing to hear. Then which controversy did Lee Young-ja’s simple question cause? This is because the public’s sensitivity has increased as the issue of forcing idols to lose weight has been repeatedly controversial. In fact, “extreme diet methods” such as one apple and four quail eggs have become a hot topic of conversation. Idols were exposed to extreme stress since their trainee days, and even after their debut, they often stopped their activities due to health problems or collapsed during a performance due to poor conditions.

Seolhyun of girl group AOA said on an entertainment show, “I was 167 centimeters tall and my company set my desirable weight at 48 kilograms,” adding, “I like eating so I had such a hard time dieting that I even thought about quitting being a celebrity.” Lim Do-hwa of AOA also shared, “I was starving. At the time, I cut an apple into quarters and ate only one piece a day. Or I boiled two eggs and drank sparkling water. I was hungry.”


The heightened sensitivity of the public can be seen in other cases. Kim Sook was criticized for a video on her YouTube channel comparing herself to Park So-hyun and Sandara Park. Later, comments on YouTube videos and online communities pointed out that the video described Kim Sook’s normal clothes size as abnormal. There was also criticism that the video glorified the excessively thin body.

A social movement on this issue has been made. The Seoul Metropolitan Government passed related ordinances to prevent excessive dieting, beauty standards and commercialization of sex in the idol industry. According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Metropolitan Council, the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s ordinance on the protection and support of rights and interests of young artists, which was proposed by city councilor Kim Kyu-nam, passed a regular plenary session in December last year. The ordinance aims to prevent damage to physical and mental health of young trainees, including forced weight loss and plastic surgery.

Source: TenAsia

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