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aespa’s Winter Mentions Her Lip Piercing For “Drama” Promotion on “Knowing Bros”

The new episode of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”, scheduled to air on November 25th, will feature the guest appearance of aespa, who recently made their comeback with the 4th mini album “Drama”. The girl group plans to attract viewers by showcasing a more powerful performance and their unexpected charms.

During the recording, Winter drew attention when she revealed that she attempted an image transformation through aespa’s new song “Drama” by getting a lip piercing.


Lee Sang-min then surprised everyone as he confessed, “Back then, in my day, piercing was not popular so I pierced myself using a needle”. In addition, other members will share stories about how they challenged new styles to change their images, raising expectations for the official broadcast. 

Meanwhile, aespa members will behind-the-scenes stories of their preparation for the new song “Drama”. In particular, they are going to share their opinions on each other’s parts honestly and present real bickering moments between best friends.

The new performance of the 4th-generation’s representative girl group aespa and the affectionate chemistry between the members can be found on the new episode of “Knowing Bros”.

Source: Daum

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