Kim Soo-hyun sweeps from drama to entertainment show “Yoo Jae-suk and Cha Eun-woo can’t do it either”

In the TV-OTT integrated non-drama cast topicality survey for the second week of March, Kim Soo-hyun, who appeared on "You Quiz on the Block", took first place

Kim Soo-hyun impressively showcased his yodeling skills and ability to deliver lines from other dramas on the program. Additionally, he became a hot topic for sharing stories from his military service. Accordingly, he topped the drama cast topicality rankings in the first week of March and non-drama cast topicality rankings in the second week of March.

In second place was SHINee’s Key from “I Live Alone”. His first solo camping trip with his pet garnered attention. Netizens responded positively to his clumsy camping moments.

From third to sixth place were Yoon Jin-yi from “Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 2: You Are My Destiny”, Jennie from “Apartment 404”, Park Jin-joo from “Hangout with Yoo” and Yoo Jae-suk from “Hangout with Yoo”.

In seventh place was Lee Yong-woo from “My Sibling’s Romance”. It’s the first time the cast of “My Sibling’s Romance” has made it into the top 10. Especially in the second week of March, as the love lines on the program intensified, it confirmed the rise in the cast’s rankings. Other cast members besides Lee Yong-woo also became hot topics.

Following that, from eighth to tenth place were Chung Seung-je from “Omniscient Interfering View”, Lee Jang-woo from “I Live Alone” and Cha Eun-woo from “The Return of Superman”.

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