Bibi Reveals the Gift She Received from Song Joong-ki and Ji Chang-wook Kiss Behind-the-Scenes

Tonight (Feb 7th), Bibi appeared as one of the guests on MBC’s “Radio Star”.

This marks Bibi’s first appearance on “Radio Star”. Bibi expressed her gratitude, “Thank you for inviting me, I will do my best confidently.” Along with her self-introduction, she mentioned her trademark of two dots under his eyes, to which Kim Gura jokingly asked, “Did you get inspired by Jang Se-hee from ‘Temptation of Wife’?” 

Bibi radio star

Bibi mentioned episodes from being shocked when she couldn’t sing due to the sandstorm in LA during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, to the issue raised due to her “Underboob” outfit on an American talk show.

Moreover, she disclosed the reason for distributing condoms to the audience during her concert in the US, prompting laughter when other guests asked, “Why don’t you give them to Koreans?”

Bibi’s extraordinary fan service, not sparing physical contact, was also revealed. Bibi said, “I like physical contact, and I still kiss my mom and dad,” surprising the audience by promising to give them “lip kisses” as well. Senior artist Jung Jae-hyung admired Bibi, “You learn something from this Gen Z singer.”

Bibi was startled by the epithet “The global streaming goddess who surpassed BLACKPINK,” and explained, “I just made it to the top 20 on the radio chart as a female solo artist.” She went on to reveal, “I’m close with Jennie,” and “BLACKPINK is the best in the world.” 

Then, the focus shifted to actress Kim Hyung-seo (Bibi’s real name) rather than singer Bibi. Bibi attended the 76th Cannes Film Festival last year with “Hopeless.” She proudly boasted, “Song Joong-ki bought me the latest model of a mobile phone.” 

She also mentioned filming her first kiss scene in her life with Ji Chang-wook in the drama “The Worst of Evil,” saying, “I thought it would be brief, but it’s three minutes long.” 

You can find out about the gift Bibi received from Song Joong-ki and behind-the-scenes of her kiss scene with Ji Chang-wook on “Radio Star,” which aired tonight at 10:30 PM KST on February 7th.

Source: naver

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