Song Ji A back to SNS after 3 months since her scandal

Recently, on the Instagram account with more than 3.3 million followers, Song JiA posted the first photo after 3 months.

Song JiA became famous thanks to the reality TV show Single’s Inferno produced by Netflix. Right from the moment of her appearance, Song JiA surprised netizens with her luxurious demeanor like a daughter of a chaebol family. However, the truth about her was quickly revealed when fans discovered that the of high-end items Song JiA wore were all fake.

song jia

Song JiA once made many people believe that she was born into a rich family with a dentist father… However, she was quickly exposed about her background. In fact, her family is living in a mid-range apartment in Korea.

After the truth was exposed, Song JiA apologized and deleted all photos on her SNS.

Recently, Song JiA suddenly posted the latest photo after 3 months since the scandal. Along with that, she also shared, “Thanks to your concern and support, I’m in good health. Are you all doing well?”.

The post immediately attracted a lot of attention from netizens. Most netizens hope that she will have a new start.

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