Jung Woo-sung Turned Into An Outcast At Film Premiere Because Of His Handsome Face

Actor Jung Woo-sung became the number one person to be avoided due to his handsome appearance

On November 9th, the press preview of the movie ‘12.12: The Day’ was held with the participation of director Kim Sung-soo and actors Hwang Jung-min, Jung Woo-sung, and Lee Sung-kyun.

Before the full-fledged premiere began, the event’s articipants had some photo time. They stood in line, posing one by one. Jung Woo-sung, who was in the center, moved to the side and recommended that director Kim Sung-soo take a picture with him.

Jung Woo-sung

Then, director Kim firmly replied, “No,” and insisted on moving the the last position of the line, drawing laughter.

Hwang Jung-min, who saw this, said, “If we stand next to Woo-sung…” and Lee Sung-min, who heard the remark, laughed with his face covered with both hands.

Jung Woo-sung

The scene has drawn great attention from various online communities. Netizens responded IBT leaving comments such as “I’ve never seen someone neglected because he’s handsome,” “I agree with the director 100%,” and “I wouldn’t want to stand with him.”

Meanwhile, the movie “12.12: The Day” is a movie about the rebellion by the new and old forces in Seoul on December 12, 1979. Its release is scheduled for the 22nd.

Source: insight

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