Gummy’s recent status… Close friend Kim Shin-young “She’s focusing on childrearing and traveling with her family”

Kim Shin-young, Gummy’s close friend, shared the recent status of couple Gummy – Jo Jung-suk.

On the August 17th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope”, singers Lee So-jung and Gaho, who recently returned with new songs, appeared as guests.

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On this day, when asked if she has friends with whom she often keeps in touch these days, Lee So-jung mentioned the people she met through the entertainment show “Sing Forest”. Lee So-jung boasted, “I once appeared on a music variety show, and I got close to Gummy, who was my idol. She invited me to her house to play. I became close with all the members.”

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Regarding this, Kim Shin-young claimed ownership by calling Gummy “my singer”. On “I Am a Singer”, she said that Gummy was her own singer. In the meantime, Kim Shin-young praised Gummy’s personality, “She’s very kind.” She also revealed Gummy’s recent status, “She became a mother, so she’s focusing on childrearing and traveling with her family these days.”

Meanwhile, Gummy married actor Jo Jung-suk in 2018 and they have one daughter.

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