Song Kang & Kim Yoo-jung’s Top Excellence Award At SBS Drama Awards Sparked Controversy

The 2023 SBS Drama Awards was held on the evening of December 29th. Among the results, what surprised netizens the most was the fact that Song Kang surpassed senior actors Kim Moo-yeol and Park Hee-soon to receive Top Excellence Award in a Miniseries Romance/Comedy Drama.

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Song Kang was nominated in this category for his role in the ongoing drama “My Demon”. Viewers pointed out that Song Kang’s performance was comparable to that of Kim Moo-yeol and Park Hee-soon in “Trolley” despite gaining compliments for his improved acting in “My Demon”. 

In this regard, some netizens commented, “SBS really favors Song Kang”, “I think he should receive Most Favorite Actor instead of Top Excellence Award. His acting was not excellent enough”, “Song Kang only has a pretty face, his acting is still lacking”, etc.

Kim Yoo-jung, Song Kang’s co-star in “My Demon”, also received a similar evaluation. Some viewers commented that Do Do-hee was not an impressive role compared to her previous successful characters.

Aside from their individual award, the two also won Best Couple. 

Source: K14

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