K-netizens discuss the problems with ITZY’s singing skills: Which member is the ‘vocal hole’?

Compared to JYP’s upcoming girl group, netizens think that ITZY has a major disadvantage when it comes to vocals. 

A post discussing ITZY‘s vocals posted on Korean online community Nate Pann recently drew nearly 200,000 views when the original poster (OP) raised the question: “Which member do you guys think is the biggest problem with ITZY’s vocals?”. OP wrote, “Every time I listen to ITZY’s songs, I feel a bit off, but I don’t know who has the problem (in terms of vocals) in the group”.


In response to OP’s question, Korean netizens have divided thoughts. In the comment section, main vocalist Lia is mentioned a lot. Since ITZY’s debut, Lia has constantly received critical comments claiming her singing skills and techniques are not strong enough for a main vocalist of Kpop groups. 

Besides, performance skills are considered ITZY’s biggest strength, helping them stand out from 4th generation girl groups, but in a certain way it can also be a disadvantage. When compared to JYPn (expected to debut in February of this year) – ITZY’s upcoming junior girl group who has garnered much attention for their solid vocal-line, including 2 “legit” main vocals, Lily and Haewon, many netizens believe it’s possible that ITZY was originally just an experimental plan of JYP to see how far a girl group with a strong dance-line would go.

  • “Lia’s skills are not main vocal level. Plus, the members’ vocal colors sound the same and there’s nothing special. I think that’s the biggest problem.”
  • “Lia is the problem, end of discussion. It’s not that she can’t sing, but every time I hear her voice, I feel uncomfortable”
  • “JYP wanted to focus on promoting NMIXX from the start (JYP’s new girl group is currently rumored to debut as NMIXX) rather than ITZY. Just look at the way the company included all the good vocalists in NMIXX, their intention is obvious ㅋㅋ I feel like ITZY is just an experiment, like JYP is curious to see what happens if a girl group has 3 main dancers.”
  • “This group doesn’t feel like they’re singing even when they hit high notes, it’s more like they’re shouting. It’s kind of annoying.”
  • “Ryujin, Yeji, Yuna, these 3 members have very similar high-pitched voices”
  • “If ITZY continues to focus on dance like they are now, they won’t be able to succeed further. Something has to be done to improve their singing skills”
  • “NMIXX is a vocal-centric group while ITZY is a dancer group”
  • “The problem with ITZY is that they don’t have a vocalist that sounds appealing enough. All the members perform well and their idol images are all pretty too, but in the end idols are singers, not just dancers. When I listen to ITZY’s music, I realize this. First of all, the song selection is problematic, but clearly the group’s vocals have absolutely no charm either. If they want to rise to more fame, they need to take vocal lessons”
  • “Yuna’s voice sounds so out of place… It’s a bit strained, it was fine during ‘DALLA DALLA’ though”
  • “ITZY’s problem is that there’s no actual main vocal”

Which member do you think is the problem with ITZY’s vocals?

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