4 IZONE members are suspected of cheating in Produce 48

Korean netizens speculated which members of IZONE debuted with fraudulent votes, robbing the chances of other contestants. 

The appellate court for the vote manipulation case on the serirs “Produce” was held today, Wednesday, November 18. In its agenda, the court announced who participants were the victims of this manipulation. IZONE became the focus of attention of Korean netizens because it is the only active group, and they are still preparing for their comeback in December.

According to the statement of the court, Lee Ga Eun in 5th place, Han Cho Won in the 6th were unjustly not able to debut with IZONE.  The producer put 2 other trainees on the final list by cheating.  On the forums, the quétion, “Which IZONE members took the place of Lee Ga Eun and Han Cho Won?”  is becoming the hot topic.

Korean netizens turned the chart over each episode and found 4 names with an unexpectedly high number of votes in the finale, which are supposed to be abnormal.  Jo Yuri, Choi Yena, Kim Chae Won and Kim Min Joo are the 4 most suspect names.

The position through the ranking of each episode of the 4 trainees

Kim Chae Won: 21 -> 21 -> 30 -> 28 -> 15 -> 15 -> 19 -> 10. From a trainee who ranked only in the top 20 but in the final, Chae Won rose 9 places and entered the top 12 contestants who qualified for debut.  This “ridiculous” achievement makes many people suspect that Kim Chae Won is the one who cheated to debut with IZONE.

Jo Yuri: 10 -> 19 -> 18 -> 19 -> 10 -> 16 -> 18 -> 3. Jo Yuri’s case has been the most controversial since the last night aired.  From a contestant who was accused of having plastic surgery, had a personality scandal and low rankings, Yuri suddenly jumped to the Top 3, making the audience confused, unbelievable when the MC announced the results.

Choi Yena: 7 -> 6 -> 7 -> 9 -> 16 -> 19 -> 16 -> 4. Like Kim Chae Won, Yena increased 12 places in the finale, causing many doubts.

Kim Min Joo: 13 -> 17 -> 19 -> 15 -> 6 -> 20 -> 15 -> 11. Min Joo is famous when the show first aired but the number of votes was not high.  She did not have a steady fan base and her performance in each episode was also unstable.  In the final night, she was fortunate to be at No. 11, but many people still doubt whether this was her resl achievement or whether Min Joo was chosen thanks to her visual. 

Korean netizen comments: “Jo Yuri is definitely cheating”, “Kim Chae Won and Jo Yuri are almost certainly cheating”, “At least the organizers should let Jo Yuri rank up from the 3rd round, she suddenly jumped to 3rd place in the finale “,” Look at the numbers, I know how they look down on the audience “,” Kim Chae Won, Jo Yuri leave the group, please “,”  Kim Min Joo was also very suspicious because at that time, she was criticized all the time for her incompetence “,” Kim Chae Won cannot deny anything”…

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