5 stars who cause “short hair disease”

When the weather turns chilly and the attire changes, the thought of trying a new hairstyle often comes to mind

Here are 5 celebrities who have become the epitome of the “short hair syndrome”.

1. Han Ga-in

han ga in

Actress Han Ga-in recently made a transformation with her first short haircut in 15 years, grabbing everyone’s attention. Her husband Yeon Jung-hoon also highly praised her new look, “You look very, very, very beautiful.

2. Im Soo-jung

im soo jeong

Actress Im Soo-jung, who has stuck to short hairstyles since her debut, is a prominent figure in the short hair syndrome category. She recently showcased an elegant bob cut falling just above the shoulder at the press conference for the movie “Single in Seoul”, drawing interest from the public.

3. An Yu-jin

ahn yujin

Girl group IVE’s leader An Yu-jin surprised fans by adopting a short hairstyle with the group’s latest release “I’VE MINE”. She experimented with various short hair styling, radiating both boyish and pure charms, which has fans falling for her short hair look.

4. Go Min-si

go min si

Actress Go Min-si garnered attention with her chic short hairstyle during a public appearance. Her sultry charm combined with the elegant styling of her short tassel cut fueled a growing interest in short haircuts.

5. Kim Tae-ri

kim tae ri

Kim Tae-ri recently surprised fans with her short hairstyle. Her unique beauty blended well with the short hairstyle, adding a touch of boyish charm. The change in her hairstyle was reportedly for the new drama “Jeong Nyeon”.

Source: Wikitree

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