Gummy reveals the nicknames that her husband, actor Jo Jung Suk, calls her at home

Singer Gummy boasts about her happy married life with her husband, actor Jo Jung Suk.

On September 14, Gummy will appear on the 6th episode of Channel A’s show “Lalaland – Legend Music Class” as a ‘legend singer’ and music instructor. During the show, Gummy will teach the vocal secrets of the No.1 karaoke song “We should have been friends” to the cast members, Shin Dong Yeop, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Yu Ri, Jo Se Ho, Go Eun Ah, and Hwang Kwang Hee. In addition, she will also disclose some unreleased stories of her marriage with Jo Jung Suk without hesitation.

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During the filming of this episode, Gummy performed a medley of various drama OST hits and received enthusiastic responses from the cast. Shin Dong Yeop was amazed by the performance; he commented, “Not only is Gummy known as “Queen of OST”, her husband, Jo Jung Suk, also topped the music charts for a long time with the OST he sang in his recent drama.”. In response, Gummy smiled shyly and said, “At home, I’m the one who tends to teach him this and that. In fact, he’s so good to the point that I don’t have many things to share with him.”

Being asked about the nicknames that Gummy and her husband call each other, she said, “I call him ‘oppa’ and my husband calls me ‘Jiyeon ah’ or ‘my wife’. But when he wants to ask me something about music seriously, he calls me “Gummy ah’”. 

After that, Gummy sang Jo Jung Suk’s recently released OST “I Like You” on the show, showing her affection towards her husband.

The production team stated, “Gummy opened her own corner ‘Gummy’s Jukebox’ by willingly singing not only her hit songs and her famous OST tracks but also other singers’ songs which the cast members requested. Shin Dong Yeop, who is close to Gummy’s husband Jo Jung Suk, added to the atmosphere by telling an untold story of him and Jo Jung Suk. Please look forward to the best episode with many great songs and stories.”, raising the expectations of the viewers.

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