Park Yoochun’s lawyer “GD denies drug use allegations? There’s a reason for booking him”

Lawyer Kwon Chang-beom expressed his thoughts on G-Dragon’s (35, Kwon Ji-yong) drug use allegations

Kwon Chang-beom, a lawyer from the law firm In that had handled Park Yoochun’s drug case in 2019, commented on G-Dragon’s drug use allegations. He explained, “Usually, celebrities start by denying allegations. When the police list someone as a suspect, it’s not something they do lightly. It’s likely because they gathered statements or CCTV footage.

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He added, “The outcome of the drug case will depend on the results of the prosecution’s investigation. If there’s an accomplice, they’ll follow the consistent statements of the accomplice. It doesn’t matter who the lawyer is.”

Additionally, Kwon Chang-beom debunked some speculations that if G-Dragon’s drug use is proven true, he might face harsher punishment due to his past record of receiving a suspension of indictment for marijuana use. He clarified, “A suspension of indictment doesn’t affect the level of punishment. It’s not going to lead to heavier sentencing.”

Park Yoo-chun

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit recently booked G-Dragon without detention on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. The police have not disclosed specific information about the type of drugs G-Dragon is accused of using, but the alleged drugs include poppy, opium and coca leaves, as well as various mixtures containing them.

G-Dragon issued three statements through his legal representative in which he denied all allegations and emphasized his intention to actively cooperate with the investigation. He also stated his plans to voluntarily attend the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit on November 6th to facilitate a swift and fair investigation.

Furthermore, G-Dragon’s side requested responsible reporting and cautioned against disseminating unfounded information, pledging a strong response against any false facts and defamation.

Source: Nate

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