Lee Jae Wook Dating aespa’s Karina Exposed is Due to His Contract with Current Company Ending Soon? 

With Lee Jae Wook’s contract with C-JeS Studio set to end this April after three years, fans are wondering about his next move. It has been revealed that Lee Jae Wook is contemplating starting his own company alongside his manager, adding fuel to the rumor.

Lee Jae Wook and aespa’s Karina only started dating in January and are still getting to know each other, but their romance has already been exposed. Rumors of Lee Jae Wook’s breakup with his previous girlfriend, a trending actress, in December of last year also surfaced at the same time. 

lee jae wook

The timing of news being out regarding Lee Jae Wook’s dating life has sparked speculations that all of this is a deliberate attempt from his company because Lee Jae Wook is not renewing his contract.

Addressing the swirling rumor, C-JeS Studio responded by refuting claims that Lee Jae Wook’s contract had already expired, clarifying that discussions about a possible extension are still ongoing. 

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